Friday, 5 December 2008

Characters In Search Of A Story Part 1

Adele Moon is 12 years old. She killed her parents last year, but she didn't mean to.

It wasn't her fault. She fell asleep and dreamed it. And when she woke up, it was true.

She hasn't slept too much since then. Not since the morning she found their blood on the walls and bits and pieces of them scattered everywhere. That's the trouble with her imagination. She's a nervous child and prone to nightmares, and there are 'Things' lurking in the darkened corners of her mind.

She's been living on the streets ever since that day. She packed her school bag, threw it on her back and ran.

Now she doesn't sleep unless she absolutely has too. And when she does, she tends to sleep in graveyards. She figures she can do less damage that way. Everybody's dead there, she won't be able to hurt them.

In the dark, in the night, when she's no longer in control of her imagination, then the bad 'Things' come and make things happen.

If only she could learn to control her dreams somehow. If only she could dream exciting dreams, nice dreams, happy dreams like other children do...

But it's not that easy. There is no switch inside her head for turning on the lights. And so the shadows lurk, and fester... and she wanders through the streets just barely half awake, and slaps herself if she begins to daydream.

If you see her out there, be kind. Try to help. If you can help her train her thoughts, rechannel her imagination towards a positive end, then do so.

I can't help worrying that someday the wrong person will discover her and what her mind can do and put it to work on something bad. The men who stare at goats would likely kill for Adele's talent. I hope that they don't find her.

I hope that she's okay...

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