Sunday, 12 April 2009

Mario Bava & Morph

What did I get for my 32nd birthday?

Volume 2 of Anchor Bay's Mario Bava Collection, and a 'My Own Morph' kit.

And I'm telling you now, that's very near the recipe for a perfect day.

Mix in a nice lie in this morning, a bit of weeding in the garden, leftover chicken, red lentil humus and a few fried potatoes eaten outside with my beautiful wife in the glorious sun that we're having today, and I'd say that so far today has been a good'un...

I'm suprised that Anchor Bay never got around to releasing Vol 2 of their Bava Collection in the UK, so this year I bit the bullet and asked for the Region 1 import. I've had a quick peak,and boy am I NOT disappointed. Bay Of Blood looks suprememly better than any other version that I've sat through before. Lisa & The Devil looks a feast, and Rabid Dogs/Kidnapped has got me itching to watch it. That crazy score set my nerves a-janglin' with anticipation! I sort of hope tomorrow that it rains!

For any readers from abroad (I'm pleased to say there are some from as far afield as Canada, USA, Australia, India and Russia as well as Continental Europe) Morph is a very early piece of work by Peter Lord of Aardman animation, long before the days of Wallace & Gromit. He is much beloved of certain generations here in the UK, since he was a feature on a childrens Arts show (as in Arts and Crafts, not literature and theatre and the like) presented by the one and only, much beloved and now sadly deceased Tony Hart. Children's TV needs someone like Tony. Needs someone to inspire kids to creative ideals. Without him I've a feeling that an awful lot of people currently working in the arts today, might never have ended up there if Tony had not been there to show the way, and somehow legitimise Art in the minds of many children.

He meant as much to many kids growing up in the UK (and adults too) as Jim Henson did.

Here's a few clips:

And a touching tribute when Tony died... if only someone could have animated this army of Morphs...

Thanks to Paul & Eleanor, and my wife Lili for a brilliant day.

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