Tuesday, 26 May 2009

The Poetry Of Shadows...

It's funny that not so long ago I was going on about how I prefered Herzog's Nosferatu over Murnau's original.

Recently I've been in a Murnau mood, after viewing his take on Faust, which is amazing.

Apparently Dave McKean thinks so too. He's done a poster for a 35mm screening that will be happening in Chicago...

Beautiful, isn't it? And it is a fantastic film. Really quite astonishingly good, especially in it's opening half hour.

Infact there are scenes of people going wild in the streets as the plague takes hold of a town that make me think that Herzog wasn't only taking influence from Nosferatu for his film.

Really though, what is so fascinating me right now is the Murnau's utter mastery of the medium, and the fact that pretty much everything he made after Nosferatu, eclipses that much more famous film.

As a younger man I didn't appreciate this anything like so much. Indeed, as a younger man I also didn't connect with Carl Th. Dreyer either. Now Vampyr is one of my favourite films and I'm immersing myself in his world too.

These men offer something very very special indeed. The purity and power of images.

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