Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Tumbling tumbleweed, tumbles through town...

I've not been much in evidence around these parts of late. Jez has been doing all the heavy lifting blogwise, with a welcome addition from David - all of which I've been thoroughly enjoying.

Most of my writing time and thinking is currently focussed on screenplays at the moment, I've just not had much time for anything outside of that really. And since my job is very much under threat - the iceberg has struck, I'm scrabbling on the upturned deck, the ice cold waters of unemployment are getting ever near - I find myself concentrating on givig myyself the best chance of getting that toehold in the business/making ANY MONEY WHATSOEVER from my writing...

A few things though, are worth reporting.

I recently read some Stephen King for the first time in a while. DUMA KEY in point of fact. Which on the whole was very good - although the end is a little bit unsatisfying. For most of the way though, I was gripped. And, I don't know if I'm alone in this, but it felt to me a bit like Stephen King doing Jonathan Carroll (whose latest novel is now jumping up and down at the periphery of my vision beggin me to read it next).

Was dragged along to watch Wolverine last night, and it was awful. But it cheered me up no end. Not least because all of Hugh Jackman's brow furrowed posturing reminded me so much of my two year old niece doing her vampire impression -

See?! Ha ha ha!!!! I giggled from beginning to end. More eyebrow acting than Roger Moore!

A recently discovered quote from G.K. Chesterton:
'Life is not just a pleasure, but a kind of eccentric privilege.'

As such I've been trying to lighten up in the face of possible job loss, and have plunged into a Margaret Rutherford mood. If I were to be a woman, I'd like to be Madame Arcati, as played by the glorious Ms. Rutherford in Blithe Spirit (a film that I adore). Next up I plan to revist her Miss. Marple movies. I'm in that sort of mood...

Quick few links then I'm off again..

Spike Jonze and others are blogging about WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE and other random interesting bits http://weloveyouso.com/blog/

And these haunting and beautiful pictures that are actually resin blocks with stuff in them (or I might have misinterpreted)click on the titles to the left to see these spooky wonders http://brookssalzwedel.com/

Hope everyone out there reading is well and good.


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Stephanie said...

On the eyebrow acting I take your point... but you gotta admit, he looked nice in the tub and just after he got out - hehe! ;)