Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Doorways to the worlds within...

Hi there, Neil here - long time no see. Sorry about that.

It's been a strange few months. Odd happenings etc, and now it's all coming to fruition.

My absence from this blog was at first due to my concentrating on my other writing, trying to get somewhere with my scripts. Well, I sort of have... sort of. And then other weird and interesting things occured that have meant the writing has had to hop into the back seat for a little while... strange days indeed.

First up, a music producer/audio artist I know has (indeed, IS) working on something that I wrote. We've been trying to do something together for ages, ever since we met, when he was a customer (big fan of Hammer) at BRAZIL the DVD rental shop i ran a while back, but which had to close.

Anyway, one of those knowing someone who knows someone evenings occured in which he was talking to some people and mentioned a story idea that I've had lurking in my head for over ten years. They thought it sounded really good, just the kind of thing a friend of theirs at Radio 4 might like - and suddenly that old idea that we'd knocked around a little in talking over the counter, was pushed back to the fore.

Only problem is, I've changed a lot in the ten years since I first had the idea. The parts of it that interest me NOW, are not the same parts that seemed so interesting to me THEN. Much of what I thought I knew about the story, I've had to unlearn/relearn/re-discover. Which is good. But slow sometimes, and hard when you just want to launch at it.

So we've been working on a trailer, which has turned into something that's less a trailer and more a five minute story in itself - a taster, a snippet, a glimpse at what the thing might be.

It's almost ready now. The plan being to have something solid and real to give the guy at Radio 4, because the story doesn't really lend itself to soundbites and pitch lines. And we want to do it all ourselves anyway. Once it's done - a week or two with luck - we'll get it to 'The Guy' and also hopefully put it up for all to hear, in the hope that it grabs attention and interest, enough to help convince 'The Guy' that this is worth backing either for radio or as an internet project.

Anyway. That's that. And it's exciting.

But I have a day job too, in a major bookstore chain here in UK, and it's undergoing changes that made my position there uncertain. And that's when the wife of my old landlord called to ask if I'd be interested in taking over her bookshop, here in Exeter: THE READ & RETURN BOOKSHOP (on Fore Street, for any local readers). The shop is running fine, but she wants to go back into nursing, and wondered if I'd like to take over the shop. It's been running since 1972 you see. She's had it for the last five years, and done a lot of work on making it a really nice place (got rid of the 'Gentlemen's Magazines for a start). So after a quick scout round for cash, my wife and I said YES!. Job problem solved.

So now my head is all filled up with that. Which should be happening July 1st.

Big stuff, huh? All at once. Hope it all works out. The shop is all exciting and great. I think it's really going to work for us. I hope the Radio project does too - but if nothing else we should have some interesting work out of it. As I say, hopefully I'll be able to let you all have a listen in the next few weeks.

So, in conjunction with the shop, I've started up another blog: YELLOWED PAGES for the Read & Return, you can find it HERE. There's not too much up there yet, it's just a place to give the shop a presence online. But some of what I've started takling about over there, might be of interest, so I thought I'd link across.

It's on the subject of how much cooler and more interesting book covers - in particular Children's book covers - were in the late 70's early 80's.

The thread starts HERE...

And continues HERE...

It really has been a strange, exciting and BUSY last few months.

Best to you all. If you're local, maybe I'll see you in the shop.

We sell New and 2nd hand, and there's a lot of interesting stuff in there.


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