Monday, 13 July 2009

What Would Harlan Say?


Oh dear.

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear...

I bailed out of the first series after the dopey 'cyber-woman in the basement'. Gave it another go with series 2 on dvd, and realised in episode one that they've structured a series around the wrong character - it should have been the guy that James Masters (from Buffy) was playing.

Didn't get much further than that though.

The Torchwood institue seems shoddily imagined/created. Infact they seem to inhibit good stories. Children Of Earth COULD have been STATE OF PLAY with Aliens... imagine if it was the press figuring out what was going on. If the story was viewed from peole outside of the government. That might have been interesting.

Instead... oh god, I can't wait for Steven Moffat's Doctor Who episodes to arrive. Nor for Russell T. Davies to return to proper drama. God love him for all he's done, but this Americanised take on genre set in Wales just doesn't work. Neither he nor his writing team really have any kind of a knack for it. And it's because the concept and the casting is all fundamentally flawed.

Harlan Ellison is on record saying Doctor Who is the greatest science fiction series ever made.

I'd love to hear his thoughts on Torchwood. Bone-stick-stone-stupid would no doubt be a phrase employed...

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