Monday, 28 June 2010


How could we not share this with you?

It's fair to say that both Jez and I are pretty big fans of DOCTOR WHO. And this clip from Glastonbury made me grin fromear to ear, as Matt Smith (the boy done good) joined ORBITAL live onstage for their rendition of the Doctor Who theme.

If they're such good mates, maybe he can convince Steven Moffat to get them in to remix the currently not so great version that's fronting the TV series (out on a very BIG BANG, after a fantastic new series). Keep Murray Gold on to score the series proper, but let the ORBITAL lads take care of the theme tune perhaps?

Here you go... have fun:

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Anonymous said...

Very cool indeed. I'd agree that this new series has managed to be great fun without descending into camp or puerility and unlike most of Davies' tenure it has been consistent. I've even adjusted to the theme tune as it's better than several of the earlier reinventions (cougheightiescough) although I don't think that Derbyshire's haunting tape loops can be bettered.